WHO we impact

Men, women...and children

Those currently or at risk of being homeless:

  • 11% of the citizens in Alamance County were homeless in 2012 (point-in-time count).
  • Persons living in poverty in Alamance County in 2009 was 15.2% and by 2012 the numbers had increased to 16.3%. 
  • In Alamance County during 2011, the number of children documented in emergency housing increased 3.75 fold in that one year (2011 Alamance Community Assessment).
  • The unemployment rate continues to be a major factor (9.5%) in the local economy and has a tangible effect on homelessness (May 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics).  

Those who are hungry:

  • North Carolina ties with Louisiana for the number one position for children under 5 years of age who are regularly food insecure (North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks).
  • 80% of North Carolina households who are food insecure have children with no food and no idea where it will come from (North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks).
  • 19% of citizens in Alamance County are food insecure (2011 Alamance County Assessment).

Click here to see the faces and hear the stories of poverty and perseverance here in Alamance County through our interactive photo exhibit, Portraits of Hope.